As children the holidays were a time for non-stop food, pampering and holiday cheer. 

However, things quite often don’t remain the same into adulthood. So if you are one of the people who find it a bit hard to go through the extravaganza with a never-ending smile, here are a few tips which might make the ordeal a bit easier.

1. Gifts have always been about sentiments and not the money.

Don’t sweat it if you can’t afford gifts for everyone. It will be equally, if not more special of you make gifts for your friends and family. There are a lot of nifty DIY ideas that you can try.

2. Eating beforehand is an option.

If you have any particular food allergies or preferences and you have been invited for a meal, you can either eat at home or take something along which suits you. Your hosts might not be able to meet specific demands when they have to look after the needs of so many.

3. Elsa was right all along, let it go.

Holidays are also a time when you can’t avoid coming face to face with relatives you happily avoid during the whole year. Instead of picking fights or worse letting them get to you and ruining your mood, learn to ignore their opinions.

4. Don’t lose the focus on what it’s really all about.

People often stress a lot about the gifts or pleasing people and what not. Holidays are not supposed to add to your worries; they are here so that you can have a good and restful time with your loved ones.

5. Don’t forget to breathe.

This is the easiest tip of all. Every time you feel hyperventilating about the arrangements or the things don’t go exactly as you planned, take a deep breath. Do it as many times as you need to feel better and then get back in the game.

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