The last full moon of 2017 will be at its peak on Sunday, December 3rd. It’s also special, not for only being a full moon, but a Supermoon.

Actually the only Supermoon in 2017, and it’s closing the circle with bringing powerful energies. The moon will be in Gemini and will be influenced by Moon square Neptune and Sun square Neptune.

Mercury will also be going retrograde at this time which only adds to the intensity and power of the moon. Here’s when you should view at depending on where you are in the world:

The influence of the Moon square Neptune will strengthen will power and hone psychic abilities. If you are already linked to the energy of the universe, visualize the things you wish to become reality to get what you want.

On the other hand, you will also find yourself blinded by a strange sense of despair that will allow others to trick you to meet their own ends.

Sun square Neptune brings with it passion and romance. But the intensity of this energy can be overwhelming as duality and extremism take each other head one. The full moon might also bring out the lupine energy in some.

These people will be taken over by their own inner darkness and their real self will be revealed. Others might find that their senses are heightened enough to sniff out deception but to also find affection when they need it the most.

This last full moon of the year is a perfect reminder that you need to take a break once in a while. Concentrate on the things and people you really love and on the wonders of nature. Practice self-love so that you can give the same to others. Your good karma will ease your path in this coming month.

Remember that life is full of magic and excitement, that you can and will find peace if you approach life with compassion, trust and positivity. Encourage your own spontaneity and always choose freedom and love over all things.

Los Angeles – December 3rd – 7:47 AM
New York – December 3rd – 10:47 AM
London – December 3rd – 3:47 AM
Delhi – December 3rd – 9:17 AM
Sydney Australia – December 4th – 1:47 AM

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