The upcoming month is an important one as it is a time of transformation that will help us renew and rejuvenate our energies in time for the new year. 

On December 3rd, we will see the final full moon of this year, which will also be a Super Moon. At the same time Mercury will also being to move backwards.

Ordinarily, a Super Moon will have intense power but this time it will be partially held back by the actions of Mercury. This will make us also feel like we’re being held back from moving on.

It’s going to be a time of revelation so if there’s something you want to say to someone, this is the time to do it. The energy of the Full Moon will also make those who wish to say things to you, finally get the courage to do it.

Considering the direction Mercury is moving it, it is best that you look before you leap, or in this case, speak. If your words are earnest and sincere, there won’t be any issues but if they are otherwise, the problems they cause won’t be easy to solve.

You must believe that no matter what you find out, it is only for the greater good as this Full Moon brings with it plenty of positive energy. This will assist you in moving forward, towards your goals.

This past year has been a time of fresh starts but that ends with this Full Moon. The energy that has transformed your life this year is going to fade away.

The fresh start you got might have been something different from what you envisioned but celebrate all that you have achieved, be grateful for all that you have and have faith that things will only get better.

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