Many things we now consider brilliant were invented entirely by accident.

For example, we use Sticky notes almost on a day-to-day basis but they only came into existence because a lab engineer who was trying to make a powerful adhesive failed to do so.

Even the Slinky that we all played with as kids happened because a naval engineer accidentally let go of a tension spring at the top of a stairwell and he got his idea for Slinkys from watching its snake like motion as it slithered down the stairs.

The most recent of these wonderful mishaps is a discovery made by a team of researchers from Oregon State. They were conducting experiments with fresh materials which were to be utilized in an electronic application.

Dr. Subramanian and his colleagues combined manganese oxide with various substances and put them in a furnace at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and in doing so, they discovered a unique shade of blue that has never been seen before.

This intense new color was created by the manganese ions absorbing wavelengths of light that were red and green in color and only reflecting blue wavelengths. The color has been named YInMn Blue after the chemicals that were used to create it.

In their official press release, the scientists termed it a happy but accidental discovery. This happened as early as 2009 but it was relegated to the back of the archives containing the history of accidental discoveries.

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Luckily, Shepherd Color Company took an interest in the color recently because of it’s brilliant hue but also because it’s creation does not require the use of any toxins. It has more endurance, is safe to use and not difficult to manufacture. It’s ability to reflect light means it could also ensure that buildings it is painted on remain cool.

The company has now agreed to an exclusive licensing agreement with OSU. Better yet, they are now excited to conduct more research and discover more colors that were previously unknown.

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