You Are A True Indigo Child If You Say ‘YES’ To 8 Or More Of These Statements


Indigo children are those were born sometime after 1950 whose souls matured while their bodies remained young. After the devastation of the world wars, these children were sent to enlighten the world and make it a better place.

About Indigos

Nancy Ann Tappe, an author and expert on auras was the first person to use this term. In the ‘70s she realized that many babies were surrounded by auras that were indigo in color and their spiritual journey was much faster and easier than that of other people their own age.

They developed psychic powers at a young age and had an instinctive urge to make their lives meaningful. They knew that they had to support justice and nurture and protect others.

These kids were born rebellious so they don’t like doing the usual thing. Conformity is too much for them and so they tend to wander here and there looking for a place to call home. While they develop fast in certain aspects, love and family comes to them usually only when they are already past 40.

However, as soon as they find these things, they throw themselves in their new-found joy with all their heart and soul. This ensures that they really do live happily ever after.

Read the following statements below and if you identify with 8 or more, you are a true Indigo Child:
  1. I find rules very restrictive.
  2. I am not patient and I like to make the most of the time that I have.
  3. I don’t react well if I am forced to do something.
  4. I’m not a very social person and I prefer to hang out with only those I love very much.
  5. Nobody else has to tell if something is wrong because my instincts are good enough to warn me.
  6. Others think I’m weird because I like to wander till I settle down somewhere that makes me truly happy.
  7. Artificial chemicals and odors affect me a lot.
  8. I cannot always explain the knowledge that I have because I’m a psychic.
  9. When I was a child I didn’t quite fit in but that helped me become the person I needed to be.
  10. Something inside me has driven me to look for my purpose in this world ever since I was very young.
So, are you an Indigo child? Tell us about your results in the comments section below. 

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