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Physicists Claim – ‘Death Is An Illusion Created By Our Mind’

Over the past few years, as a race we have made many attempts to delve deeper into our consciousness in order to know more about what we are. And these efforts have not gone to waste.

Robert Lanza, a physicist, has claimed that through the theory of biocentrism, he has discovered that death exists only in the mind. Unfortunately, members of the scientific community of today are often very narrow-minded and aren’t open to innovation.

Lanza argues that the universe did not create life, life created the universe. This would indicate that the current understanding of space and time existing in a linear framework is wrong, and death itself cannot be true.

This is no doubt a controversial idea but Lanza is quite used to being the center of such controversies. The thing about concepts like these is that we all know about them instinctively but science has yet to prove them.

We consider only that which we can rationalize and explain, thereby letting only the left side of the brain have control. This makes us blind to so many things happening right in front of us.

There are many planes of existence in this world and we have prevented ourselves from noticing anything but the fairly obvious, in the name of scientific reasoning. We ourselves have built the greatest obstacle which prevents us from utilizing our most important asset, our intuitive powers.

While it is the same brain that helps you discover previously unheard-of things in science, it can also close itself down to any new possibilities.

This is fairly evident in the worlds of medicine and science where many prefer to continue with traditional practices even though others try to point out things that are staring them in the face, except they need to think with both their minds and hearts to be able to see them.

Lastly, we need to understand that we have always known these things. The knowledge exists in the very core of ourselves but the culture that we have created causes us to reject it.

What do you thing about this concept? Do you agree?

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