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7 Powerful Spiritual Symbols And The Meaning Behind Them

Whosoever is on a journey to develop their spirituality should be aware of these representations as they are supposed to be a manifestation of how the energy around you changes.

People have consulted these symbols for thousands of years though modernity has caused us to become absent-minded. Below are a few of the most important and common symbols.

The Hamsa

The Hamsa represents the five fingers in our hand and is universally used as a representation of safety. If you mix it with the evil eye it will repel and negative spirits from hovering around you and won’t let them take over you.


The Tree of Life

This is present in various cultures around the globe and has many different interpretations. This is because many societies claimed that every living creature alive today is given energy by the tree of life.

The Flower of Life

Every single aspect of creation is covered in this symbol. There are seven symbols that overlap one another, each with its own importance.

The Yin Yang

This is a representation of how the male ad female energies are equally divided throughout the universe. It serves to constantly show us that we need to balance the dark and the light in our lives and for the world in order to be happy.

The Lotus Flower

Considered holy by Buddhists, this flower is the symbol of awakening as biologically, it is born in a lightless plain and taught to survive even a harsh punishment.

The Ankh 

A popular symbol amongst the ancient Egyptians, many different scholars have offered different interpretations but the most popular one is that it represents forever and rebirth.

The Pentacle

A pentacle is what you get if you draw a circle around a pentagram with five points and it is popular among the Wiccan sect. It is interpreted more or less the same way as Hamsa and is said to guard the wearer against any hostile forces.

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