5 Signs That Will Appear When Your Life Is About To Go Through A Major Change

By now, you must have noticed that your journey through life is never on a straight road. You feel like you’re going in circles and things in the present often feel like the past.

There are several patterns in this world that help us foretell the future and we refer to them as omens. While even an expert at Divination can be shocked by a sudden change, there are some things that indicate when there is going to be a sudden shift in energy around you.

Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. Freedom

Sometimes when we really wish to escape from things in our past, change occurs. When we want a different life, we can begin to feel as if we are free to uproot ourselves and move.

2. Animals

When change is coming, you will most likely start noticing creatures that represent it like butterflies and dragonflies. Don’t analyze why they are there. Just let life take you where you need to go.

3. Numbers

If the time for transformation is at hand, you will see 1s and 9s everywhere as they represent the beginning and the end. Again, don’t let their appearance drive you nuts with curiosity. Just take whatever comes as it comes.

4. Omens

You will begin to see signs and symbols in your dreams which will suddenly become very intense and real. Sometimes you will even notice omens while you’re awake, like an oddly shaped cloud or a familiar line spray painted on a wall. You will also feel a lot of déjà vu.

5. Libido

We don’t know why but any person unconsciously preparing for a change suddenly feels like their sexuality has increased. It’s like they’ve become younger and more energetic, ready to grab life by the horns. This could be because the energy levels in your body have increased and that energy is being used to enhance your pleasure.

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