The myth of the Tree of Life is not modern age mumbo-jumbo as many non-believers like to think. It has been part of Spiritual lore from many cultures across the globe for ages.

The Tree of Life is said to connect all of us, as a part of the universe, none of us is separated or left out from the connection. This is more or less the same premise or one which takes into account all these different takes on the topic.

1. Christianity’s Garden of Eden and the Tree:

It was located at the center of the Garden of Eden and I’d supposed to connect Heaven and the Underworld. Some instances say there was another tree next to it which connected all form of life. It is possible that these two might be actually just one tree.

2. Islamic take on the Tree:

Somewhat similar to the Christian belief. Here too the Tree of Life was in a Garden of Prosperity and the first man was warned against the danger of committing a sin, but disobeyed and hence suffered the fall.

3.Mythology from Egypt:

The Egyptian Tree of life is thought to be an Acacia and it is believed that life itself sprung from this tree when Isis and Osiris came out of it. It is also said to maintain harmony between the East and the West directions. Both the directions have connotations connected to the miracle of life. East is life and west is Death, observed by the cycle of the Sun.

4.The Immortality Tree and Chinese Tradition:

 Another link between earth and heaven. Its foliage is said to rest atop The Heaven while the roots are firmly in Earth. It is said to produce fruit only once in 3000 years and this fruit can grant immortality.

5.The Mayan Culture’s World Tree:

 The World tree connected all the directions and all forms of life and held all within itself by separation of degrees, depending on the layer of existence to which someone or something belongs.

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