Those who are not under the shroud of ignorance already know that we have fallen from the 5D matrix to this 3D matrix that we currently inhabit.

This story has been repeated and slightly screwed by Christianity’s myth of the first man from the Garden of Eden.

It is true that there has been a fall and we are trying to get back to that dimension, but the story has many patriarchal insertions which are belittling to the feminine and even more harmful for our quest of ascension.

One of the devastating results of patriarchy is that it has brutally suppressed and polluted the idea of sexual energy, which is in fact one of the most potent and vibrant source of energy.

The Eden story pins the blame of the fall entirely on to Eve and her giving in to temptation and subsequently tempting Adam. This idea has caused a schism in the energies of the masculine and the feminine. Now Men and masculine traits are considered better and on a higher pedestal than their opposite.

This has caused a further rift in the binaries which only exist in the 3D matrix. After all, the 3D matrix promotes differences and binaries, and operates on the principle of control and fear. However the 5D matrix is about the complete union and balance among the energies.

There is no superiority of one spirit over other in that realm.

Qualities which are usually associated with men such as logic and action and competitiveness are put on a pedestal whereas those which are attributed to the women, such as intuition and nurturing and tenderness are looked down upon whereas the truth is they are equally as powerful.

The truth is, there needs to be a complete balance I’m the sexual energies, both male and female to make possible what is regarded as a sacred marriage within the cosmos.

This is what the world is leading up to as we wait for the 5D matrix to embrace us again.

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