by Sabrina Reber

We are in the midst of a great transformation on Earth and there are beings who are doing everything they can to stop the increase of light on this planet.

So much so, these beings are infiltrating the consciousness of light workers who have made themselves vulnerable to outside interference by allowing their egos to sneak back in and take dominion over their beings. These once prominent light workers are now creating great chaos and confusion within the group consciousness of souls who have been dedicated to their own soul’s ascension and the ascension of the planet.

The greatest tool the dark forces have is to locate a vulnerable human – who they can work through – to generate chaos, confusion and fear by getting them to promote messages against the LIGHT such as – the LIGHT is a trick of the matrix and something that we should avoid. Many have even gone so far to say that when we release our physical bodies through death we should not go into the light. In essence, these teachings coming out are designed to keep us from activating and expanding the truth of our divine essence because our true essence is Light. However due to the density of Earth, humanity as a whole has become overshadowed by the shadows and egoic belief systems of “man” who cast the illusions of their darkness onto other souls which blocks our light. Anything that blocks our LIGHT is evil. THE ABSENCE OF LIGHT IS EVIL.

The Light is the impersonal, supreme, absolute state of awareness wherein one’s true self has always been, is now, and always will be. The Light is the background on which all manifested objects appear. For without LIGHT, nothing can exist. Even the darkest of beings still have a trickle of light within them, otherwise they would not be able to survive. Absolutely everything is made from the LIGHT of conscious awareness. We are the LIGHT, but there are many varying manifestations of LIGHT in the diversity of creation. Based on what our consciousness is focused on will determine the level of light we are able to manifest in our lives and in essence even the dark serves the LIGHT as a tool to assist in the evolution of consciousness on this planet. Everything is evolving towards the light regardless of how dark it may be.

“Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons.” 1 Timothy 4:1

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” Matthew 7:15

LIGHT is love and it is based on truth. Dark is fear and it is based on the shadows of illusions. The human ego is full of fear, and it thrives on fear provoking information, sensationalism, drama, chaos and distortion. Our human egos complicate everything and blow things out of proportion because the majority of humanity’s “veils of amnesia” have not been removed from their minds which distorts the way they see everything. The only way to remove the veils of amnesia is to turn to the LIGHT and integrate it into our beings. The LIGHT will shine down and expose all the inner darkness within us so we can SEE it and HEAL it. If we choose to turn away from the LIGHT, we will remain in the confines of darkness and we will not be able to SEE the things within our souls that need to be transcended. For we can not heal anything if we are not aware of it, and it is this lack of awareness that keeps our souls bound to the density of the Earth’s dimensions lifetime after lifetime. It is not the LIGHT that keeps us bound to the wheel of reincarnation, it is the absence of light that keeps us bound to our repetitive learning cycles.

So for those of you who want to continue to live your lives in darkness and who don’t want to ascend your consciousness – then yes, not facing the LIGHT or going to the LIGHT after death will be a temporary tool you can use to halt the evolution of your souls. The absence of LIGHT will keep you bound to the darkness of your denials while facing the LIGHT will show you what you need to SEE so you can heal and purify your souls. Humans have free will and we can avoid the LIGHT even after death. Souls who avoid the light become “lost souls” and they create tremendous havoc here on Earth for those who are still alive. In fact, it is most likely “lost souls” who are attached to the energy fields of many light workers who are promoting such distorted teachings – it is fun and entertaining for lost souls to play tricks on those who are still in body. And it is because most people spend more time on gaining “information” about the nature of reality and spirituality, without actually doing the work necessary on themselves in order to have a direct experience of themselves as an eternal spiritual being of LIGHT, that many people will be duped into believing the distorted teachings from the dark forces that keep us from evolving ourselves and our planet into a higher vibrational frequency of love and light.

Our Spirits came from the LIGHT and we have chosen from our own free wills to descend into the darkness and density of Earth’s physical matter. We willingly chose this so we could experience life “partially” separated from the Creator Of All That Is. We did it for the experience of it, and also to evolve our beings so we could learn through the diversity of dense creation how to eventually become a Creator God/dess in our own right.  We learn enormous lessons here and evolve our souls very rapidly IF we awaken and remember who we truly are and don’t get absorbed by the darkness of fear and limitations within this reality. Once we have had enough of experiencing the pain the darkness provides we can choose to ascend our consciousness towards the LIGHT where we will go through the process of soul purification/soul ascension – releasing the stored darkness within so we can activate, expand and reclaim the inner light and truth of our beings.

Everything on this planet and within the entire universe has been set up within a divine plan. Nothing is by happenstance. There are universal laws, hierarchies of LIGHT and hierarchies of darkness that are playing out their parts. It is our own consciousness, choices, actions, words and beliefs that attract everything to us. If another being is controlling us in any way – on some level of our being – we are allowing it to happen. People who focus their attention on God and the God Conscious of Love, Light and Compassion attract those kind of spiritual beings to themselves to support them on their journeys. People who focus on the consciousness of the dark, alien agendas and mischievous spirits attract those type of spiritual beings to themselves to support and teach them on their journeys. We create our realities through our focus of energy and we have two energy streams we can attract and work from. The energy stream of Love and Light or the energy stream of Fear and Darkness. Both are a part of this dimension and both have very valuable lessons to teach us. If we choose to focus on love we must learn how to not be angry with or hateful towards the dark. We must attain a place of neutrality where we see the darkness simply as a learning tool to help us access more of our own LIGHT.

An ascending soul has to decide what is true for them, and they will also need to develop tunnel vision when it comes to them attaining their goal – which is ultimately to merge into oneness with their holy guardian angel/christ self/buddhic self/higher self…. whatever you want to call it. In order to merge into oneness with our higher selves we will need to go through the process of soul alchemy or soul purification where we descend into our inner darkness and transform our lower vibrations into a higher vibration of love and light. We can not ascend our souls by turning away from the LIGHT. We need the light to remove the blinders that have been placed over our minds so we can truly SEE ourselves and the things we need to heal and transcend. The process of ascension is the process of integrating more and more light into our beings. Eventually, the light will be so great our “robes of many colors” or LIGHT BODIES will be activated.

“Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.  Matthew 7: 13-14

As more LIGHT increases on this planet – the dark will try to shut it down. Our planet is moving out of the dark ages of ego/shadow control and into the LIGHT of greater awareness and the return of our inner christ consciousness. Because the dark forces have been in control of humanity for so long they do not want us to awaken and return to our truth, because when we do, they can no longer control us. The pathway to freedom is to activate our inner light, eventually merging into oneness with our higher selves so we can have a direct experience of ourselves as LIGHT BEINGS. Once this occurs we will be less likely to be manipulated because we will have tapped into our truth and our LIGHT. Once our higher self has merged with us it will take dominion over our egos and we will be further refined and polished like a diamond. Eventually, this continued spiritual purification will open up our energy fields to what is often times called the “magic current” which is our direct connection to the hierarchy of light. Once the connection is established and we begin to work form the love, light, compassion and wisdom of these very dedicated spiritual beings we will never question the LIGHT again because we will be fully submersed in the LIGHT while still in physical body on Earth. This is the divine plan, for everyone to eventually purify themselves enough so their magic currents can be reestablished where oneness and full connection to the LIGHT from the spiritual dimensions is brought down here to Earth. This is the process of us bringing our own heavens here to Earth.

“May your kingdom come. May your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10

We can receive this LIGHT and create our own heavens here on Earth without having to die. This is our potential at this time on our planet. To be in this world physically, but not of it. Heaven is a state of consciousness that vibrates within a very high level of light, love and compassion. For those of us who are desiring to evolve our souls to the highest level possible during this most auspicious time period on Earth we will need to guard our minds with such conviction and stop putting any energy towards that which does not serve our souls ascension towards the LIGHT of greater awareness. If we want to break free from the matrix we will have to do the inner work necessary in order to set ourselves free. In essence the matrix is very much part of the divine plan. ~Sabrina Reber

Tips Of Discernment When Reading Through Spiritual Information:

1. Does this information promote fear (illusion) or love (truth)?

2. Does this information help or hinder my ascension process?

3. Does this information help me raise or lower my vibrational frequency?

4. Is this information based on separation consciousness (ego) or Oneness (God)?

5. Does this information deepen my connection with God and my higher self or diminish it?

6. Does this information empower or disempower me?

7. Does this information recognize me as a Co-Creator being?

8. Does this information contract my energy or expand my energy?

9. Does this information “FEEL” right?

10. Does this information increase or deplete my LIGHT?

When we face God, we face the self. God is the LIGHT that will shine down on those things within us that need to be healed. If we choose resistance and turn away from God, we will turn away from the LIGHT, and we will remain in the darkness of our limitations and self created negative behavioral patterns that keep us enslaved to the dimensions of the Earth. For those who would like to face the LIGHT and merge with the LIGHT within yourselves you will be asked to raise your current vibrational frequencies into higher ones.

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