Everyone daydreams about the perfect scenarios. The perfect conversation, the perfect comeback, the perfect date, the perfect job and so on and so forth.

All our daydreams revolve around our deepest, most intense desires and we seem to live them in those daydreams at least for a few moments.

But daydreams end and we are dragged back to the same reality where we don’t get to go on the perfect date and don’t get to have the best job.

Everyone just accepts it at face value but it really doesn’t have to be like that. Our desires are achievable and the only thing that is keeping us away from them is doubt.

Doubt is that nagging voice in your head that says you can’t. You can’t get rich or you can’t get fit or any kind of belief that limits you and what you can or cannot do.

Doubts kill your desires from the inside because you give up before even trying. How would you know if the person of your dreams likes you too if you never gather up the courage to think you’re good enough to ask them out?

So how do you reverse this self doubt? You develop Faith in your life. If you have doubt, you already know what problem areas you need to focus on.

It is an active participation on your behalf and requires the following steps:

• Make a list of your desires. Have it in front of you in black and white and think of what all can stop you from getting it.

• Once you have a doubt that stands in your way, reason with the belief that you think is stopping you. Is it absolutely rock solid or just exaggerated by your brain.

• If it’s the latter, work on replacing that belief with something that’d be more constructive and help you reach the goal.

• Keep telling yourself that what you choose to believe will happen and enhance this belief by looking for little signs of affirmation.

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