As a race, we have been blessed with amazing sensory abilities but society has conditioned us to use just five on a daily basis and that what we feel through these five are the only things that are real.

But in reality, there is so much more we possess. We are self-aware, we can feel stability and we also have the ability to sense the vibrations or energy that surround us.

There are four stages to becoming fully aware of the energy that the universe vibrates with:

1. Intuition and Empathy

The former is when your instinct tells you them but you cannot explain how you came by that knowledge. This is because you are linked to a conduit of knowledge that is spread across the universe.

The latter is when you are extraordinarily in tune with what others are feeling. Some might be able to just instinctively pick up on the general mood around them and others might be able to step into an individual’s shoes and feel their emotions.

2. Psychic awareness

While most people would just see psychics as those who are able to predict what will happen, there is actually more to it. They are able to do so because they can link their own energies to someone else’s which is why they are able to understand where their lives are heading.

3. Mediumship

If you haven’t passed the second stage, you cannot be a medium. These people can cause their energies to rise so high that they link with the spiritual world. It is so high that we cannot sense it with just the usual five senses.

4. Channeling

A person who channels can use their energies to establish a direct communication link with another being, no matter where they are. They can detach their selves from their bodies to do this.

When you enter the first stage have faith in yourself when you feel like you’ve sensed a vibe. This will help you reach the second stage in which you can try out different ways to link energies with others.

This should allow you to naturally link yourself to the spiritual world and receive communication from there.

Channeling is harder work and you should first practice by writing what you receive on a piece of paper with a pen in order to feel more grounded.

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