Many people think that meditation is the be-all-end-all Sacred Practice for connecting with the Divine.

Whereas, the reality is far from this.  Just like we all are diverse and individual human beings our way of forming a personal connection with the Divine do is different for each one of us.

This doesn’t mean that Yoga and Meditation are useless or a false fad, rather simply that there are other methods of connection with the universe than them. And depending on an individual’s temperament and inherent characteristics, they can find either stationary methods or slightly more active one.

When it comes to forming a connection with the Divine, there are a few things you need to keep in mind and then you can follow any practice that is suited to your individual needs.

There are three different steps and each of them involves their own sub-steps that of being and the one of doing. Here is more on the same.

1. Forming a connection

This is naturally the first step in creating your own form of practicing sacred activities. Forming your connection with the Divine, which can be established either by lying still, sitting motionless or some form of activity like walking or perhaps cycling in the nature. Alternatively you could establish it by stating your intention out loud so the Universe can hear it.

2. Having a conversation

 This can be done by either having a question and answer form. Letting the Divine speak through random activities like journaling for an instance. Or listening to the universe by muting out all other sounds.

3. Making a commitment

 This means dedicating yourself to the cause of having a Divine connection. Focus on how you feel and every time you feel disconnected make sure you find the cause behind it and rectify it.

Don’t think this connection is all about your spirit, your body should also not be forgotten.

Just remember to feel happy about the process and you’d soon find your own unique way.

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