Throughout history, both in the ancient and modern world, certain repetitive geometrical patterns have been found in Nature.

Scientific studies done by research scholars have declared their frequent occurrences in the environment. Prodigious philosophers like Euclid, Pythagoras and Plato among many others have concluded that they form the basis of the reality of our existence; their patterns are inherent to the previous design of human life itself.

Fractals have forever held an important place in certain communities and places of worship and religion which has further sparked questions about the significance of their patterns.

Did the inhabitants of the ancient civilizations have any different knowledge about fractals and their omnipotence? Why the modern world lost its relevance?

Do these patterns have magnified symbolic significance other than simple artistic purposes? Do these fractals form the basis of all things accessible to their domains?

These fractals have a separate harmony of their own. They are ingrained into our consciousness or subconscious because they are a regular occurrence in the human design. They resonate congruously with our all-knowing awareness, because they speak the universal language of mathematics. They imply wholeness, equilibrium, equitable proportions.

Simply staring at these geometric patterns can alter our range, level or frequency of our potentials invoking healing, relaxation and colossal change within you. These fractal representations can calm our mind; transporting us to trance meditative state which lies beyond waking consciousness.

This flower of life is sacred, connected essentially to every aspect of our physicality. When a repetition of uniformly balanced overlapping fractals is placed within six fold symmetry, it creates consistency. It is found in ancient temples of worship and even in modern churches. The commonest version is the two dimensional print vision.

When overlapped with three dimensional Platonic solid figures, it creates a more varied representation of geometry. This topic is the most trending and famous area of discussion among today’s metaphysical and spiritual communities.

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