Sleep is the most important process of our body’s metabolism. Without proper sleep, our entire biological routine can get disrupted.

The condition of lack of sleep is called Insomnia which has several negative aftereffects like feeling sluggish and energy-less in the morning, lack of focus or being unable to concentrate. At least 8 hours of sleep is ideal. The following are the ways which can improve the dearth of sleep in any man or woman.

1. Avoiding light

It is very important that we stay away from any source of light at least half an hour before sleeping. Watching television or fidgeting with your phone will never allow your mind to sleep. Keep your phones away from your bed. Exposure to the rays is a big hindrance. The early you cut off the light, the early your body sends signals to the brain to get ready for sleep.

2. Melatonin supplements 

Melatonin supplements available at the medicine shops are highly recommended since they induce sleep in our bodies. Take care not to become too much dependent on them, so grab the correct amount and form.

3. Avoide Caffeine 

Coffee enlightens our brain cells, let aside being able to sleep after a glass of coffee. So if you want to rest and sleep, never drink coffee prior going to bed.

4. Use Lavender

Going natural is the best way to care for your body. Lavender helps you fall asleep quick. Some dried lavenders kept right on your bedside table can do wonders.

5. Take Products Rich In Calcium and Magnesium

Some of us think that a glass of milk is enough to sleep but it is not. 600 mg of Calcium and 200 mg of Magnesium is needed as a supplement to milk for your brain cells to rest. Health drinks are a good option.

6. Increase the Intake of L-theanine

About 150 grams of L-theanine boosts the REM phase of our sleep cycle. Green tea which contains L-theanine brings sleep faster than usual.

7. Drinking Chamomile Tea

Just like coffee, simple tea will never allow you to sleep but Chamomile tea helps. It helps you snooze faster than normal tea, milk or raw. Drinking one cup thrice a day brings good results.

8. Be More Active

Exercises are a must. If not hard routines, just 45 minutes of sincere aerobic exercises can improve your sleep system. You will feel tired and immediately fall asleep.

9. Take A Bath Before Going To Sleep

Taking a warm bath just before hitting the bed is a good option. A bath relaxes your body muscles and calms down your mind.

I hope following these suggestions will help you cure your insomnia. 

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