It is of essential importance for every young woman to understand that self-love comes first.

They need to learn that accepting, appreciating and loving their bodies will help them become confident young women who will further lead successful, healthy and fulfilled lives.

1. It is important that we do not body shame our own daughters

We should never say anything negative about our daughter’s body. We should keep them away from adverse influences like the medium of media that incorporates wrong ideas about body, health, size and appearances, about the ideal dressing type, how much we should eat, how much weight one must maintain and how they should smell. Looking at models or other skinny stylish girls, your child may obsessively indulge in weight loss. Modeling good behaviors and idols for your children brings colossal changes in their thought types, their belief and self esteem.

2. Mothers should never encourage their daughters to go on fad diets

A fad diet is a diet that promises quick weight loss through an unbalanced intake of nutrition. Such diets are very harmful. It may look pleasant and satisfy you in the short run, but in the long run such kind of a diet has adverse effects on our bodies.

3. Learning about nutrition

It’s absolutely wrong to demoralize your daughter and restrict her from eating certain amounts of food so that she doesn’t gain much weight. Giving her proper information regarding nutrition and letting her explore all the different food and nutritious options is important.

4. Doing exercises and following a food plan

Doing exercises brings wonderful rewards. This way the fats and carbohydrates don’t affect your body. Pilates, walking, cycling, yoga create health awareness and self love. They have a calming and relaxing effect on the mind. Exercising is a brilliant way to burn calories and still not become skinny.

5. Teach your child to move her body to feel good.

Being imperfect is okay and you should never be ashamed of it. Exercising is a natural form of alleviating your soul, relaxing your mind cells, reducing anxiety, improving severe conditions of depression. Speak to your child regarding her health problems. Tell her not to be sad if she is fat.

6. To love one’s own body despite the imperfections

Nobody in this world is perfect. Teach your child self care and love. Motivate her to stand strong and fight any kind of body shaming. Mothers should never criticize their own bodies, since children learn from their parents. By birth women are induced with thoughts about a ‘beautiful figure’. This has to stop.

7. Talk to a doctor if necessary

Take her to a counselor. Medicines and an open method of talking can bring about catharsis. She will then imbibe positive spirits about her own self.

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