Being In A Relationship Doesn’t Guarantee Happiness


If we look at the ancient past, relationships and marriage were the standpoints for reproduction and security. However, now the approach and perception has changed. Eshter Perel, a relationship expert, says that marriage and relationship have changed its definition. People, now, expect their partners to love them, care for them and many more things.

As Perel said, we find love to be eternal in some sorts. Finding someone who satisfies our expectation is not an easy thing. Yet people are waiting for their soulmates and ‘the one’ in their lives. We think that our partner will bring happiness in our lives. However new research has found that being in relationship has not much to do with your happiness. On the contrary, it may disturb your peace too.

Being single and happy

Recent researches have concluded that single people are more relaxed and happy in their personal life. They tend to be more self-reliant and motivated. Their closeness with their parents, friends and siblings helps them to grow in life. In fact, it affects the physic of a person too. Single people had lesser BMI than the ones in relationship.

An unfulfilling relationship

Sometimes, a person does not move away from an undermining relationship in fear of being single. What they don’t realize is that the relationship is inhibiting their growth. If your partner has eyes for your faults only, then you must seek resort somewhere else.


If a relationship is detrimental to one’s happiness then he/she must take a step back from that relationship. In a recent survey it was found that people who got separated from an undermining relationship came out very happy and healthy. Stigma attached to the divorce might create confusion in one’s mind.

So, technically being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you will be happier.

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