The Scorpio New Moon of 2017 is going to have an immense effect on every one of us. Not just a mild effect even, rather it would be dynamic and has the potential to bring about a lot of change in all our lives.

Just like the moon controls the waters of the seas, our life too would be like a stormy sea with different currents fighting internally to gain power over each other. To say the least, do not expect calm waters and smooth sailing now that the Scorpio is in full moon.

Here are a few predictions which are bound to happen due to the movement of the rest of the astral bodies around this astronomical phenomenon.

Just like the waters are dark and deep and dangerous, so are the times ahead. But it is not impossible to navigate through them, and it can be done with perception and continued determination, something which is not unknown to Scorpio.

There would be quite a few moments that you would feel like free falling, making rather tough decisions and yet ruthlessly going ahead with them. This sudden burst of action is thanks to the interaction of Mars and Pluto with Scorpio.

Both are considered to be the rulers of Scorpio, Old and new and both are categorized as aggressors. Their cosmic dance is having a very direct and very visible effect on us. We are confronting and dismantling situations as we go and taking everything head on.

Whether it be our deepest fears or our most dreadful enemies, there is no holding back as we confront one after the other. Instead of getting afraid of this sudden burst of activity, utilise it to the utmost because you would seldom be this decisive.

Another near conjunction getting over in Scorpio has been that of Venus with Jupiter. The former, who is the ruler of love and passion, is just moving past the indulgent ruler of the skies. However Venus is getting in sync with Neptune, the ruler of transcendence.

Their trine means that there would be very high passions but with a muted and deeper kind of intoxication. Our cravings will not go away, but we will crave lesser things. However whatever we want we would want it with more intensity than ever.

This is also a very good time for communications and negotiations. Mars and Mercury are in a sextile with each other therefore channels for interactions are open like never before.  The talks would be meaningful and yet induced with a healthy amount of laughter.

Overall these gifts of the New Moon in Scorpio are many and each is very hefty to handle. However with emotional balance and composure the entire situation can be turned around for utmost benefit. The waters are also deeply healing and full of compassion and the time we spend in these waters could heal us.

The tenderness of Venus has been amplified and thus the journey is promised to be loving and caring at the same time as being life changing.

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