Most of us, at some point or another in our lives, are shocked by a phenomenon which shatters our soul and forces us to change the way in which we perceive life.

The dark night is not something that you can simply discard off. It is not just another temporary phase; it is not a bout of anxiety or depression. A simple appointment with a therapist will not cure it.

But what is this dark night of the soul?

If your soul is in chaos and you feel an intense spiritual and existential crisis along with constant confusion about your very own existence then you can say for sure that the dark night of the soul has spread its shadow upon you.

You’ll begin to question everything, the reality of the world, your purpose of the life etc.

What happens after the dark night of the soul?

When you reach the pinnacle of spirituality, then your mind opens the eye to the reality and the reality is a very sad truth. It crushes your entire being and forces you to start a new.

Thus when it happens you must not run away from it. You must not try to suppress it; instead try to find a deeper meaning behind it. Think that it is not exclusive to you; many other people all across the world also experience it.

Once you face the truth, you’ll feel that you are starting a new life. You’ll become a loving and caring human who is aware of his/her own presence.

You’ll not try to hide your emotions, but will try to embrace them. You’ll experience inner peace and your heart will be detoxified. You’ll end your war with the negative emotions. The dark night of the soul will make you realize that imperfections are part of the human existence.

You must embrace the dark night of the soul and let it detox you. You must realize that you are among the very few chosen people who undergo this process and you carry a responsibility to do the right things.

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