While there is always debate about whether love at first sight exists or not; science dictates some signs that genuinely prove that you might be experiencing love at first sight. Here are the 5 signs:

1. Your eyes talk

Eyes are the first body part that connects two people. If you meet someone and you instantly feel that you are communicating with your eyes with that person, it is certain that you are experiencing love at first sight. This also means that you won’t even need words to talk to each other; your eyes will do the talking. If you experience this with someone, it is absolutely amazing.

2. You are instantly comforted in their presence

Initially when you meet them, you might be a little uncomfortable but then that feeling will instantly vanish way and you will feel very comfortable when you are around them. You will almost feel as if you know that person from before and you will find yourself easily having a conversation with that person.

3. You don’t pretend

Usually in social situations, we pretend to be what we are not. We do this so that we are liked more and people are intrigued by us. But if you are experiencing love at first sight with someone, you will feel that you can easily be yourself around them. There is no pretension or cover; you are just yourself; pure and unadulterated.

4. Butterflies in the tummy

Well, you will surely feel those butterflies in your stomach when you are around that person with whom you fall in love at first sight. This also happens because the body copes up with the anxiety and the stress by doing this. This may be your body indicating that you have fallen in love with someone. Isn’t that amazing?

5. Natural synchronization

You will feel that there is a natural chemistry between you and the person you have fallen in love at first sight. You will almost like the same things and feel the same way about issues. You will feel as if you both are absolutely made for each other.

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