Dreams are an integral part of our lives and for some they are a continuing part of everyday life. While some of us are able to remember our dreams, others cannot. Some of us consider them very important, other think that they are trivial.

There are many ideas and theories on the dreams, but one thing that they all have in common is that the dreams have a specific purpose and they occur for a reason.

In this article we share with you the meanings of seven things seen frequently in dreams:

1. Fire

Fire represents risky activities. It might suggest that you are in an insecure place or point in your life. It might also mean that you need to make changes in your life.

2. Money

Seeing money in dreams might represent good luck and financial stability. It makes you feel calm and safe.

3. Pregnancy

Pregnancy in dreams might represent growth and future planning. It often means that you are about to get your future secured, it might be through anything, like a new job, a new partner etc. It doesn’t necessarily relate to giving birth.

4. Waterfalls

Water in dreams usually means purity and cleansing. It means that you are getting rid of old troubles. The complete meaning of waterfall can change according to its location in the dream.

5. Flying

Flying represent that you are about to follow your dreams. It makes you feel self confident and free.

6. Teeth

Teeth in dreams might represent many different things. It can be a sign of aging, or it can represent fear and worries. If the teeth were being pulled out in the dream, it means that you need to let something out, or something has to come out. It might mean that you need to make changes in your stressful life.

7. Death

It is very common to see death in dreams, but people are usually scared to admit it. It doesn’t mean real death, but usually it is related to some sort of an end; maybe an end in relationship or your current job.

So, do these common things also appear in your dreams? What do you think about their interpretation?
Share your views and opinions with us.

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