Buddhist tradition believes that before reincarnation, we cross the “river of forgetfulness” where we forget our past life, karma and the place in between death and rebirth.

If we read about the similar concept in Chinese mythology, we will come across the legend of goddess Meng Po. She brews a drink which after drinking makes us forget everything before we are reborn.

Even if we forget everything from our conscious memory, we don’t let it slip out of our subconscious mind. We see the glimpses of our past lives taking worldly figure in the form of our hobbies, interest etc.

These are little clues placed around us. Seeking spirituality we can arrange the pieces like treasure hunt and remind us of that life.

How to recognize these intuitive clues?

What is science? Science is actually a series of models which tries to explain the ways in which universe functions. This truth is too difficult to be expressed in the form of mathematical equation, hence we use such models.

One such model talks about these intuitive clues. They function on the basis of our pre-conscious. Preconscious refers to a state of mind which we acquire in past lives and the time in between the death and rebirth. It is believed that we set ourselves clues, so that we would have a comprehensive idea of the people we must meet and things we must do in our next life.

There is another model which deals with religions and spirituality. It is believed that these guardian angels watch over us and send us messages so that we follow the correct path. These messages act as intuitions.

What I notice in every model about this topic is that they more or less are similar at the root level. One must have faith and belief in the clues they get.

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