Do you think you are mentally strong?

Well, it is certainly very hard to be mentally strong because it demands control over your emotions and thoughts and even your behavior.

If you want to know whether you are mentally strong, check out this list of things that mentally strong people don’t do at all. Hope you don’t do these things:

  1. Feeling sorry for themselves: You won’t ever find a mentally strong person making themselves a victim. This is mostly because mentally strong people understand that feeling sorry will not change any of the circumstances that are around them.
  2. Control: Yes, Mentally strong people don’t let anyone control them or define them. They are their own boss. They take care of themselves and work hard on themselves. They don’t let other people or other people’s success affect them. Their focus is on themselves.  
  3. Embrace change: Mentally strong people don’t resist change. They appreciate it and take it in stride. They are adaptable and flexible and actually think that change can teach them a lot of new things.
  4. People pleasing: Mentally strong people don’t waste their time in pleasing people around them. They are self pleasers. They understand that in the process of pleasing people, they will waste a lot of time and this isn’t good for them.  
  5. They take risks: Mentally strong people are aware of the fact that it is important to take risks. They know that they cannot have it all, unless they don’t risk it all. So, they risk as much as possible and as often as possible.
  6. Past is past for them: They don’t think about the past too much. They heal themselves by focusing on the future because they know that they cannot change anything that has happened in the past. So there is certainly no point crying about the past.
  7. They learn from their mistakes: They are aware of their flaws and mistakes and they learn from them. This is one of the reasons that they don’t commit the same mistake again and again.
Well, are you in the mentally strong tribe?
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