This article deals with a very sensitive issue. Women who have been through hell in their lives need to be loved in a specific way.

The women who have been through a troubled past are strong yet fragile. She is full of memories of those times when everything went wrong, yet she will not say a word because she wants you and doesn’t want to scare you away.

Now she is with you. She is trying very hard to overcome the past. She is for the first time in her life seeing something good happening to her. She has never been happier or never felt luckier but still scared of getting it all jinxed.

She will keep her past away from you and thus you’ll never know about it. In this article, I’ll try to show you the glimpses of her real self.

She has not yet told you the complete story of her past, the incidents that left her scarred and scared. She has been in the eye of the storm, battling it from the middle. She saw all these storms start and weather away. She has seen things go bad or even the things that were close to her heart go sour on her.

She has seen her loved one turn into monster. She has seen all the trivial fights and the dark abusive episodes. She has been in situations where she stood utterly helpless.

She has been to the darkest of the places and those memories are there in some corner of her heart, but she’ll never let you see those corners. She will only show you the bright spots of her heart in hope of keeping you happy and positive.

She is taking the pain alone so that you can enjoy the joy of love. She deserves to be loved back. She deserves to be loved completely. And from your love only, she hopes to heal those wounds.

Is there maybe such a woman in your life? Have you been treating her right? Share your experiences and opinions with us.

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