As we grow up, we realize that we have been taught a lot of wrong things.

Most of them are because the environment in which we grew up was prejudiced and opinionated against some things which aren’t wrong.

Gender stereotyping for instance, is one way in which we are taught to have certain opinions which are not justified at all- girls will take care of the home and never say a word about it, guys are supposed to be tough and never cry, and so on and so forth.

Here are 7 ways that you can unlearn these toxic teachings and be more honest to your true self:

1. By relying and believing in your inner voice. Many people ignore their gut-feeling or intuition in favor of what’s rational or logical- but the fact is our intuition really knows what’s best for us.

2. By refusing to obey that critical voice in your head that keeps nagging you and criticizing you for everything that you do. This might be the society’s expectations which you have internalized and they are harmful for both your physical as well as mental well-being.

3. By stopping and comparing- what are the things you want in life, your long term goals and your daily activities? Do the two lists concur? If not then you might want to rethink your daily grind.

4. By accepting that your knowledge and opinions come from a limited source and you might have to rethink a lot of things. If you start believing that only what you believe to be true is the absolute truth, you’ll again be caught up in the web of prejudices.

5. By seeking help from professionals- be it for your house, your car, and most importantly for yourself. Don’t shy away from the stigma.

6. To love ourselves as easily and as unconditionally as we love others.

7. Meditating will help us reconnect to our true sense like nothing else.

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