It might sound strange to many to be happy without rhyme or reason but it is actually possible.

Granted it might seem a tough nut to crack in this lifestyle of constant stress and deadlines, but there truly is a way and it is achievable.

True happiness comes from satisfaction and contentment. And true contentment comes from embracing your inner self completely.

Your inner self has been with you from the start, your first steps as an infant, your first day at preschool, your first frat party in college, even your first job interview.

However, we seem to lose touch with our inner self when we get too absorbed in material pursuits.

Here are 5 steps that you need to practice daily to get reunited with your inner, eternal self.

1. Mentally scan your entire body. Focus on every body part from your head to your foot. You have to become conscious of every body part, even the ones which are not in your view. Example the nape of your neck or that part on our back that you can never reach in the shower.

2. Focus on your senses. Don’t just wander around your house, pay attention to every smell and sound that you encounter. Instead of finishing your food in a hurry, try distinguishing all the different tastes. Try to be more inquisitive about your everyday surrounding.

3. Instead of being a passive listener to whatever keeps going on in your head, try to listen. Pay attention to your thoughts.

4. Pay close attention to your feelings. Instead of temporary mood swings, try to find out what all you feel underneath this. Become aware of your emotional well being.

5. Try to find out how does your presence feels to you. Do you feel heavy or light? Do you feel like opening up to people or rather stick to yourself?

When you practice all these things daily, you’ll become more aware of your surroundings as well as yourself.

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