Have you ever been reprimanded by your mom/ dad or wife for staying awake till late at night? Have you ever been yelled at or lectured by someone for staying in bed past usual hours?

The worst part of this lifestyle is that these people do not understand you.  You might have been doing something productive while they were asleep. If it has ever happened to you, then you must read this article and send the link to people who don’t understand you.

When your mother catches you awake late at night, she scolds you and threatens to take your things away (your gadgets). Not even your boss would understand how reading about tri-partite war and renaissance can help you make your presentation better. You have always been in middle of the struggle of waking up early and sleeping early.

Today we will establish a fact that those who stay awake till late are intelligent and creative beings. The Huffington post published a research that people who stay awake till late at night are more intelligent than others.

This paper was supported by a research which suggested that those who show different pattern in their lifestyle are more progressive and smart. It is widely believed that progressive people are more adaptable to change.

Lead researcher of the study, Maria Giempietro, believes that these people have a knack for seeking alternative solution of any problem. This habit makes them use their mind more than normal people.

It was also concluded in a study done on 42 people that those who wake up early in the morning secrete more cortisol, a stress hormone. Though, it is not discovered yet, if the stress causes them to wake up early or is it vice-versa.

What one must understand is that it doesn’t matter if you wake up early or sleep late. What matters is that you must not waste your time. Live your life and don’t change yourself for the sake of others.

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