The third eye or the pineal gland is said to provide vision beyond mortal comprehension.

Physically, it is supposed to be located somewhere in the middle and slightly above the eyebrows. It is one of the most powerful centers of energy in our body. The 3rd eye also corresponds to the myth of the cosmic egg.

It is said that all life sprung forth from this egg and it is believed that it is a metaphor for the third eye which can make a whole new kind of creation visible to us.

However, it is not usual for people to have control over the third eye as it is said that it atrophied over centuries of moral and spiritual degradation.

Therefore, if the third eye is opened abruptly due to any reasons, it can cause a lot of problems. Some of them are:

1. It causes all our senses to go into an overdrive.

If your third eye has been opened accidentally, you’d be seeing the colors a lot more brighter, sounds more clearer and so on. This is nothing less of psychotic experience.

2. Your dreams become a lot more absurd and vivid.

This actually happens due to your enhanced perception as you are able to receive messages from realms beyond your own.

3. You will experience a lot of headache.

This happens because a probable lack of balance in your chakras. Meditation could help.

4. You would feel like you are walking in a living dream as nothing might seem real to you.

When you are suddenly made aware of realms beyond your own, your own one might seem a bit hard to believe.

5. There might also be certain problems in your relationships

This happens because you’d be feeling and experiencing so many enhanced emotions, including the vibes of those around. The latter might not be such a good thing.

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