Empaths are very soft people who are clear from inside-out. But this does not mean that they do not keep secrets.

Empaths also hide things from others, but their motive for doing so is different. They hide things from people for whom they really care about. They do not want be a burden on anyone. But they forget that others are ready to face difficulties for them and they are well able to handle any trouble that might come.

Here are 10 things that empaths usually hide from their loved ones.

1. Their hatred for being used.

Empaths gets used a lot by other people, but this does not mean that they are fine with it. They feel bad when they are walked upon by others.

2. They stress all the time.

Empaths gets overwhelmed by everyday situations and thus they take stress all the time.

3. They give too much.

Empaths usually give to the point where they have nothing left with them. They are unable to set a limit to it.

4. They suck with emotions.

They feel a lot of emotions, much more than a normal person.

5. They like their alone time.

They need some time to themselves in order to refresh themselves.

6. They can tell when you are lying.

Do not try to lie in front on an Empath, they will call you out. They have seen it all.

7. Their intuition is a very big part of their life.

They are naturally instinctive and thus they will use it even in the most unlikely situation.

8. They have a deep need to fix people.

They feel that their sole purpose on this earth is to fix other people. This results in their self-neglect. Self care is also very important.

9. They attract the wrong kind of people.

Empaths attract the people who want to be saved and not the people who want to be loved and thus they experience a lot of heart breaks. This makes them deeply sad.

10. They love deeply.

Empaths try to give their all in the love. When they decide on a relationship, they decide it for life.

So, these are the 10 things that an empath will not tell you.

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