A talent for art is something you have to be born with. And I don’t just mean making art, I also mean knowing how to interpret and appreciate it.

Science may have just proved why some people just can’t see art the way an artist or a critic would.

A study with 123 volunteers was conducted which tested these individuals on the five parameters used to determine creativity.

These are extraversion, neuroticism, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and openness to experience.

The volunteers were also administered a vision test called ‘Binocular Rivalry’ in which each of their eyes was given a different picture, a green dot and a red dot.

The results showed that these people could be divided into two categories.

The first category, which was much larger than the second, reported that they could only observe one of the dots at a time.

But the remaining few could see both at once as a single image with two colors.

The results of both tests were combined to achieve a final conclusion.

Openness to new experience is the trait closest creativity and was common to those who could see both images at the same time.

This proves that creative individuals see everything around us in a way different from the rest of us.

The trait of being open to imagination has always been connected to a person’s talent for inventiveness and intuition.

But this study has actually proved that artistic people are having a distinctly different visual experience from others.

It’s not a shock that they have this inherent ability to perceive their surroundings in a unique manner. This helps them interpret situations differently and this is expressed in their artwork.

You can look up this study in the New Scientist as well as the Journal of Personality Research.

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