9 Healing Frequencies That Provide Harmony And Spiritual Balance

Energy is everywhere around us. It shows it healing frequencies. Everything has its own frequency. But how this information can change our life? Match the frequency of the reality you want and you will get it. It is as simple as that.

All you have to do to get the reality you want is to feel the frequency. Focusing on the frequency you want will help you to solve difficult situations. Energy evokes similar frequencies. Suppose what will you get from the Universe if you fall in a low-vibrational state? Nevertheless, if the problem is deficiency, think of abundance. If it is loneliness or sadness, think of joy and love. The law of attraction works in this way. According to the third principle of Huna – MAKIA, the thing that we usually forget is that ‘energy flows, where attention goes’.

It is quite simple after we learn to control several essential details, like the subconscious, the defense mechanisms and the mind frequency patterns we acquire and maintain. If we are constantly living in defense, what are we attracting then? According to the law of attraction, we attract other reasons that we have to defend from.

Our reality is created in this way.

To change our reality, we have to feel the frequency within us. We can really feel it only with an open heart, honesty, total transparency and trust on the Universe. The gratitude that we have can help us attract abundance. Love within us can help us attract more love and joy in our lives.

The right time to do it is Now. We should not do it when we are thinking about the past, as it brings more memories to us. We should not do when we are thinking about the future, as it brings us hope. The right time to do it is Now, in the present, in this moment. Tomorrow is created in this way. At this moment we are creating the next one.

The use of frequency is not a new phenomenon. It has been used for many years. For example, some frequencies for inner healing, empowerment and balance have been used by religion, such as: the Gregorian chants and through meditation techniques. Sound represents a vibration, which may have immediate and medical properties if it is turned on the right frequency.

The ancient musical scale contains 9 Solfeggio Frequencies, which can provide harmony, spiritual balance and healing of the mind and the body. These include:

• SI Tone – 963 Hz: 18 (9) – awakening: connection to the cosmos

The SI Tone returns the human systems to their original state. It is related to the all-embracing Spirit and the Light. It enables you to reconnect to the Spirit and to experience Oneness, your true nature.

• LA Tone – 852 Hz: 15 (6) – returning to the Spiritual order

The LA Tone enables you to see through your illusions, like hidden agendas of places, people or things. This healing frequency can be used for enabling the person to communicate with the Spirit. It heightens awareness and allows you to return to the Spiritual order. When it comes to cellular process, this frequency allows the cell to transform itself into a higher level.

• SOL Tone – 741 Hz: 12 (3) – solutions / expressions, solving issues

The SOL Tone cleanses the cell from the toxins. The use of this healing frequency leads to a simpler and healthier life. It also enhances diet changes and elimination of toxic foods. This frequency also cleanses the cell from electromagnetic reactions.

It can be also used to solve issues of any nature. The frequent use of SOL Tone will help you create a stable and pure life.

• FA Tone – 639 Hz: 18 (9) – relationships / re-connecting and re-balancing

The FA Tone provides harmonious interpersonal relationships and harmonious community. It can be used for overcoming relationship problems, social problems, family problems, etc. When it comes to the cellular process, this tone can be used to stimulate cells to communicate with their environment. This frequency enables communication, love, tolerance and understanding.

• MI Tone – 528 Hz: 15 (6) – miracles and transformations (DNA repair)

This healing frequency is used to return the DNA to its original state. It brings miracles and transformations in your life. The DNA reparation process is followed by a few helpful effects, such as: mind clarity, high levels of energy, awareness, creativity and ecstatic states, like celebration, dance and inner peace. The MI Tone turns on your intuition, imagination and intention to achieve your purposes in life.

• RE Tone – 417 Hz: 12 (3) – facilitating change and undergoing situations

The RE Tone provides energy that stimulates change. This healing frequency eliminates traumatic experiences and destructive influence of past situations. When it comes to cellular process, the RE Tone stimulate the cells and their function. It provides you energy that lets you change your life.

• UT Tone – 396 Hz: 18 (9) – liberating fear and quilt, turning grief into joy.

This healing frequency provides energy and affects the feelings of guilt. It eliminates the feelings of guilt, which is the main obstacle to achievement or realization of a goal. This UT Tone brings down the defense mechanisms and thus eliminates the feelings of guilt and fear.

• 285 Hz: 15 (6) – influencing energy fields

This tone helps your tissues to return to their perfect state. It also affects energy fields, by sending them messages to repair damaged organs. Moreover, it energizes and rejuvenates the body.

• 174 Hz: 12 (3) – getting rid of pain

This tone acts as a natural anaesthetic. It reduces pain energetically and physically. This healing frequency provides the organs with a sense of safety, security, love and enhances their function.

Other beneficial healing frequencies are the Earths frequencies, also known as Schumann frequencies:

• 7,89 Hz: 18 (9) – great for grounding meditation and connecting to the Mother Earth
• 126 Hz: 18 (9) – the frequency of the Sun (the OM frequency). The OM Tone is considered to enhance heart health and mediation.

These healing frequencies give away ancient secrets, which we do not understand. For instance, the number 9 and the 3 – 6 – 9 order, which are related to the creation of physics.

Nikola Tesla said: ‘If we knew the importance of the 3 – 6 – 9 order, we would hold the key to the University’.

Source: FullyAwareMind

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