We have been relying on signs to understand what is happening with us as well as to estimate what is going to happen to us. Even our ancestors relied on signs of different kinds in order to ascertain how close we are to the Samhain.

Reading signs doesn’t require too much of an effort or any psychic skills that we assume that the process needs. All that reading signs requires is that we observe closely and see for some kind of links between the events that are taking place around us.

Yes, because all events around us are somehow correlated and they have an impact on each other.

The world around us may have changed significantly, yet there is a way in which we are still receiving signs from the Universe as Universe is the force that is looking after us and is deeply invested in our well being. So, there are signs that we are getting close to the Samhain.

So, what is Samhain?

It is pronounced as “SOW-en” and in Old Irish it means “summer’s end”. In contemporary Paganism, Samhain is the final harvest festival which is celebrated on October 31 and it is considered a time when we have to remember our ancestors and think about death and the place where we shall go after death. Thus, we have to think about what happens after death.

So here are three signs to show that we are getting closer to the Samhain:
1. The Dark Half is growing:

Yes, the days have been comparatively shorter than the nights since the Autumn Equinox. This change is very clear for everyone as the sun is low and it is moving more towards the south every day. Another thing that is happening is that the temperature is decreasing every day. For any agricultural society, this would mean that work is decreasing or the pace of work is slowing gradually. This sign is there so that we remember that there will come a time when there will be no more work left. So, let’s think about the concept of Death and not shrug it off. If we do the same, we will be able to make this transition easily and comfortably. Otherwise, it shall be hard for all of us.

2. The Veil Between the Worlds grows thin:

Samhain is actually the time when the world of the living and the world of the Gods and ancestors come so close that they almost overlap each other. There exists a line between both of these worlds but gradually this line is becoming thin, transparent and also porous at the same time.

Not all of us can have conversations with the Other world, yet even those of us who aren’t good at it, will be able to talk to the Other world and know about the things happening around us. Your dreams will become more elaborate and your intuition will become sharper and your meditations will become more fruitful.

These are just some signs that the Samhain is getting closer than you can imagine. Some of us may have some trouble in comprehending all of these signs around us, but there is nothing to worry. Maintain a journal and write down all the things that you think are changing around you. Observe keenly and within a week you will train yourself in the art of observing the changes that are happening around you.

3. Our ancestors draw near:

What is going to happen to us after our deaths? Well, none of us know and none of us will know until we die. But there is one thing that we know which is that we will be remembered in some way or the other by the people who are around us. At Samhain also, we remember our ancestors.

So, it is certainly time to remember what our ancestors have done for us and how our lives are impacted by everything that they have done for us. We need to remember that they have established a legacy with their deeds and thus they deserve a special place in our lives.

Yes, we are getting closer to Samhain. Yes, we are!  

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