Go for a walk on a daily basis. Most importantly, your smile must accompany you while walking.
∼Spend some calm and peaceful quality time alone and it must be for at least 10-15 minutes.
∼Seek purpose and blessings from god, right when you wake up.
∼Eat more natural things than the ones manufactured artificially.
∼Intake of green tea and water must be in abundance.
∼Spread smile around you. It manifests in your own life.
∼Control the amount of energy you spend on your past and negativity surrounding it. You better start paying attention to your present life.
∼Live the quote “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper”.
∼Accept the fact that your life won’t be fair. Yet, it is worth staying happy and making efforts.
∼Stop hating and start forgiving. A clean heart is a blessing.
∼Why so serious? Life isn’t about seriousness. You better start living it than thinking it through.
∼Arguments never have winners. So, accept it and stop whining over one.
∼Stop letting your past overpower your present.
∼Everyone’s life is different. So, quit comparing and complaining about life.
∼Your happiness is your matter of concern. It doesn’t bother others, so look after your own happiness.
∼Judge your present problems on the grounds of your future. Will it affect your future?
∼Become kind and generous. Prefer giving than taking.
∼Society always forms an opinion. Its opinion must not ruin your peace.
∼Give your wounds time to heal. Everything will be alright after some time.
∼Change is inevitable. Situation will undergo change too, no matter how bad they are.
∼Job doesn’t take care of you. Your friends and family do. Keep them close.
∼Jealousy is worthless. So, don’t indulge yourself in anything of this kind. You are great with what you have.
∼Thank God daily before retiring to bed.
∼If you have stress, you are lucky. At least you have something to be busy for. People are getting depressed because of lack of engaging tensions.
∼Share happiness, which can be done if you share this secret with others. So, share it as much as you can.

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