If You Want An Intense Kind Of Love, Fall For The Girl With Hyper-Empathy

Empaths feel everything intensely and when they love, the LOVE. If you believe in intensity and passion, find a girl with hyper empathy.

Relationships with empaths will always be an emotional rollercoaster. But if you take some time to get to know them, you can find your way into their heart of hearts.

1. They want to explore their emotions to the fullest so they don’t like to feel caged emotionally

Empaths need to be able to feel as much as possible and express those feelings however they wish to. Do not stop them from doing this.

However, they are also generous in this matter and will actively encourage you to express your emotions.

2. They know how to connect from the heart, so they always put respect and honesty first

The one thing they cannot stand is dishonesty. Lie to them, and they are lost to you forever.

They are unwavering in trust they place in you so do not give them cause to doubt it.

3. Their intuition is spot on so you won’t have a hard time communicating what you feel or don’t feel for that matter

As empaths, they will always know exactly how someone else is feeling, no matter the circumstance and they will never use that knowledge lightly.

In return, they also expect to be taken seriously. Do not hurt them as they, more than anyone else, have to shoulder the burden of disillusionment.

4. They have sensitive but strong hearts

Their sensitivity makes them more vulnerable to heartbreak but they never regret it.

When they enter into a relationship, they will always give it all they have.

5. They’ll always love fearlessly

You will never have to doubt their feelings for you. If they love you, they will always show it in whichever manner possible.

They will always look out for you as much as they can. Pay attention to their efforts and never let them be alone in their pain.

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