Harnessing Sage And Its Healing Abilities

Uses of Sage was once in vogue in treating digestion issues, in the ancient Roman culture. They used to believe that these Sages possess magical properties and invoke healing spirits.

Charles the great, King of the Franks and the Lombard, had staunch belief in the power of Sage. His belief led him to announce a royal decree, commanding that every farm must grow some amount of this magical herb.

He said that farming of the herb makes the elixir of life available to one and all.

The herb, along with the healing power, was believed to have spiritual properties too. Men used to eat three leaves at dawn to keep evil spirits away.

They also believed that the herb brings about the good fortune for them who carry it.

There is an old Arabic proverb “If your Sage grows well, you will live a long time”. We will now talk about the ways to harness this magical herb:

1. Sage tea can be taken directly or can be used while bathing. One can either gargle with it while drinking tea or can put a handful of it in water while bathing, in order to promote positivity around during the winters.

2. Burn the dried Sage and immediately put out the flame. It will give rise to the smoke. Now start reaching each and every corner of your house. Do this process in counter-clockwise direction. The smoke is believed to engulf the negativity residing in the house.

3. You can also arrange a feast of dishes made of Sage herbs for the elders around you. This is a multi-purpose thing. One, they will be benefited by the feast and other is that you will be able to listen to their experienced wisdom.

I will conclude my comment with a statement that, I may not know about the magical power of all the herbs, but Sage leaves are highly medicinal.

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