4 Things (Besides Love) That A Relationship Must Have, Or It Is Destined To Fail

We have been told through movies, songs and popular culture that love conquers everything and no problem can withstand the power of love.

We buy that and believe that if we love someone, everything should fall perfectly in place. But we are fooling ourselves.

Love is amazing is the basis of any relationship but also, there are many other important factors in the long term relationship. Love is like a flower which cannot support itself and thus needs nourishment and support.

Basically, there are four other things beside love, which are must in a healthy relationship:


A person in a relationship wants to be extremely open to the other person and thus demands absolute honesty and reliability from the partner.  You can never thus be truly open with anyone if you do not trust anyone.


A person feels that his/her worth is decided by the way how their partners treat them. The respect that you give to your partner shows their value to you. The true measure of respect is not the talk but the actions. Respect can be seen in the way how you treat your partner in person.

Common values

Love transcends class, age, caste and religion but it still is very dependent on the kind of values that partners have. The couple need not agree on opinions but they should have common ground on- how you want to live life, how to handle finances, how to raise kids etc. The values are non-negotiable and thus must be shared by the partners.

Common Goals

Relationships can be seen as an ultimate partnership, one that is rooted in teamwork. If the partners have different goals, the relationship can turn out to be a ‘tug of war’.  The solution here is to have one person sacrifice for the other.

For love to grow, you need to provide fertile ground so it can flourish and give fruit.

Tell us more about what you think! Where do you stand when it comes to love?

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