While I’m not a psychic, as an intuitive reader, I’ve had quite a few people approach me for a reading after they’ve been to a psychic who told them something they didn’t want to here.

The one thing I tell all of them is that they should never take a psychic’s readings at face value. This is something I’ve learned from my own experience.

In a rather strange turn of fate, I once ended up at a psychic’s home for a reading. She impressed me with her knowledge about things she had no way of knowing so I had faith in her powers.

But throughout the session, she kept telling me things I thought were incredibly negative. She said that I would drop out of University and that I’d die young! She painted a very depressing picture.

I was extremely frustrated especially because I was soon to finish school and I’d been pushing myself hard so that I could get into the University I felt I was destined to attend.

Sometime later, I’d almost forgotten what she said and I’d received admission into my dream University. I was very happy and excited but gradually I began to feel like something was wrong.

I didn’t find my classes very interesting but I kept at it till the day the Sydney Opera Company offered me a position as an actor. I was thrilled and I ended up dropping out of that University.

And then I realized, that that psychic had been right all along, except she made it sound incredibly sad instead of mentioning how happy I’d be with the amazing opportunities I had received.

See, sometimes psychics misinterpret the messages they receive and sometimes you yourself are not in a position to understand that message.

A psychic works like a radio. It if it is in good condition, it will work perfectly but if it is old and worn out, the signal is going to be weak and full of static.

While there are some great psychics out there, you are the only person who has control over your destiny. They can only help you achieve some clarity.

Use your own intuition to interpret messages and if it is something negative, call upon your own abilities and work towards changing it.