Visitation dreams are the ones in which your deceased loved ones try to communicate with you from beyond the veil.

Visitation dreams are a much more accurate and deliberate method of your loved ones for contacting you.

Here are a few Characteristics of Visitation dreams which will help you distinguish them from regular ones.

◊ Regular dreams keep shifting from one place/topic to another very soon. Visitation dreams are much more linear in comparison.

◊ They are much more vivid and clear and stay with you longer.

◊ They occur in a half sleep-half awake state. Regular dreams usually happen in deep sleep.

◊ You would most probably receive a message from your Guardian angel or loved ones. They could either speak it out loud, communicate it with you telepathically or you’d just know what they want to say.

◊ They are much more literal than compared to a regular dream which usually have a symbolic significance.

◊ Sensations like a touch or kiss could be easily felt.

You’d just feel different if you’ve had a visitation. If you think your loved ones have visited you, then you need to know of the proper method to deal with it.

◊ Show gratitude to your loved ones for the message they have given you.

◊ Write it all down. Even though a visitation is much more lucid than a regular dream it is always advisable to write it as soon as you wake up. It will allow you to visit it again later and make sense of the message which might be confusing in the immediate context.

◊ Talk about these visitations with a close friend or family member. They could also help you in understanding the message. They might have had similar visitations as well if both of you were dear to the deceased person.

◊ Try to analyze the feel you had if you are struggling to make sense of the message.

◊ You can always ask your loved ones to be more specific or clear.

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