Aristotle said that ‘Man can truly be free only in the company of his peers.’

This statement is not apt for the society today but still holds true. Peers or the friends of a person are like a constant support system. They give happiness and make you feel alive. But when they do something wrong to hurt you, your mental health can be severely affected.

Sometimes, there are friends who give you a lot of mental stress. In this article today, we’ll discuss about 5 signs that show that friendship is bad for your mental health.

1. The need to tip-toe around the person

True friends want you to express your feelings and to be clear about them. They will want you to share your thoughts and will engage in an active discussion with you.  Whereas, a bad friend will make you feel extra aware and unsafe around them. You’ll want to tip-toe around them in order to stay away from their attention.

2. Always excusing their behavior

We tend to find excuses for the actions which hurt us in order to maintain our friendship and to convince ourselves that our friends are not at fault, but it is the condition that they were in which resulted in the action. If you are looking for these excuses again and again, then it means that your friend is bad for your mental health.

3. You have to beg them to hang out or make time for you

A real friend is one who makes sure to respect your time. The friend which tosses you around and makes you to wait or who does not show up at time is bad for your mental health.

4. A distress feeling when around them

If you feel anxious or feel at unease when around your friend then that friend is not good for you. Friends help you to improve and not drag you into depression.

5. Not having good feeling about yourself

A good friend will let you be yourself without judging you. You can be open about your strengths and weaknesses in front of your true friends. Whereas toxic friends will make you feel bad about your mistakes.

So, these are the 5 signs of a toxic friendship which can affect your mental health.

What are your views and opinions about it? Do you recognize some of your friends as toxic?