Yoga has proven to be one of the most beneficial health activities but it is still underrated compared to other fitness routines.

If done regularly, 20 minutes of yoga has proved to be better than jogging and walking. In this article, we will share 7 health benefits of yoga.

Scientifically proven benefits of yoga

1. Helps control your emotional responses

In a recent study conducted at Waterloo University, it was found that 25 minutes of mindful meditation and hatha yoga can improve emotional responses, elevate energy levels and improve cognitive functions.

2. Helps fight Alzheimer

Researchers at University of Southern California observed that there is a noticeable increase in the BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Levels) levels of the participants who followed 3 month of meditation, yoga and Mediterranean diet.

3. Reduces Inflammation

The team of USC also found that inflammation is reduced with increase in levels of Interleukin-10. With yoga BDNF levels increases, which results in increase in interleukin-10.

4. Improves your mood

Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) is found in the central nervous system and is responsible for blocking impulses between nerve cells. Low levels of GABA results in mood swings. Yoga helps increase the GABA value and thus improves the mood.

5. Helps you sleep better

In a study, it was observed that the patients who did 12 weeks of yoga course had much better sleep patterns and quality. Yoga can be a great cure for insomnia and work related stress also.

6. Reduces Chronic Pain

Gray matter, a substance that is responsible for decision making, hearing, self control is present in the central nervous system. When the quantity of Gray matter decreases, the ability to bear pain also decreases. Regular yogic practice increases the gray matter and thus helps in chronic pain and depression.

7. Reduces bad cholesterol

LDL (Low density Lipoprotein) is known as ‘bad cholesterol as it increases problems related to heart and blood flow. Regular yoga helps in reducing the LDL levels as well.

Do you practice yoga every day? Do you see any results? Share your experiences with us.