Understanding the Psychic’s Mind

Psychics, channelers are the ones considered to be different from normal humans. We have heard that these people can tell us about our past, present and future. Have you ever come across someone who shocked you by telling you something, which a stranger can’t possibly know? Don’t you wonder how they are able to make out these things about you?

Psychic’s Mind experiences Different Energy Vibrations

These people are aware of different energy vibrations which are incomprehensible to commoners. These energies are felt in the form of thoughts, mental images or feelings. What actually happens is that these people have made themselves able to communicate with their intuitions.

Hence, when a person visits a psychic, he receives the energy vibrations sent by the visitor and responds accordingly. The psychic makes themselves able to perceive the energy vibration around you.

How a psychic predicts and what happens when they don’t manifest?

The psychic then talks about the possibilities of your future depending upon the energy vibrations you emit at the time of visit. Hence, when his predictions come to fruition, you call that person a clairvoyant psychic.

Actually our future is depended on each and every moment of the present and hence, sometimes their prophecy doesn’t manifest in real world. Every action of your life presents you with multiple possibilities, and their prediction belongs to some of these.

This is the time, when their prediction doesn’t come true, to talk about the concept of free will. Your every moment plays on the concept of free will which decides your future. The bottom line is that, our perception is what matters in the end.

Example of Thought Change and Unfolding

Here, we will talk about a case where an aspiring model consults a psychic. The psychic receives the energy and talks about her the way he is guided by the energy emitted by her passion for modelling. But, after some time she gets pregnant and gives up her desire of becoming a supermodel.

She then ends up becoming a mom and feels that the psychic was not good at his work. The reality which we generally choose to ignore is that, our future isn’t decided. The focus and passion guides us throughout our life. This is what happened with her, as she changed her focus.

Hence, this doesn’t mean that the psychic was cheating or lying, but just explained the energy which was being radiated by her at the time of her visit.

I hope everything related to the way a psychic mind works is explained. These people don’t see our future, but they connect with us and they tell us things which are perceived by them in the forms of thoughts and intuition.

Their predictions and comment will come true if we don’t change our life state and focus willingly.