As hard as it might be to believe in this social media obsessed life of ours but: Not Everything Needs to Be Published for Everyone to Know and Comment on.

Some things are meant to remain within your personal space and with good reason too. Here are a few things that you should keep to yourself.

Your Lifestyle

Not everyone needs to know what you decide to do with your life and time. Details of your sex life or your beliefs about religion are very personal details, and need not be shared with anyone. Moreover such knowledge can be easily against you and the only person you can trust beyond doubt is, of course, yourself.

Your Inner Thoughts

Another thing that should be kept to yourself; not everyone is obliged to agree with what you think, and sometimes you can even hurt someone unknowingly. It is safer to keep your opinions about people and things you don’t know, to yourself.

Your Family and Friends’ Dirty Laundry

Frankly, it is plain rude if you betray the trust of those who are closest to you. What might seem like a really funny anecdote to you might be a really embarrassing incident for them. Also it gives strangers a free pass to defame your family. You should never give anyone that kind of power.

Your Goals And Plans

The world is full of naysayers and you are safer keeping your ambitions to yourself rather than letting people put you down. It is one thing to seek guidance from mentors and quite another to lay bare all your ambitions and dreams in front of someone else. Work hard for your goals without telling others. They’d know about them easily enough once you have actually achieved them.


This is perhaps one habit of over-sharing with most probability of negative comeback. You see when you publicize very good thing you have done, people start doubting whether you did it out of compassion or for another opportunity of garnering popularity.