Sex is increasingly becoming an act of personal gratification and physical release rather than an intimate activity.

Today’s culture of quick dates and wham-bam-thank you-ma’am encounters is so far adrift from the eastern culture’s idea of spiritual sex which focuses on channeling and harnessing our energy rather than just wasting it.

Sex can be more than a sweaty and messy workout. It should be spiritual rather than simply the haste of procreation. When such high levels of masculine and feminine energy blend together they are capable of transcending and reaching very high levels of consciousness.

Sexual energy is the most important form of energy as it combines the energies of creation and expression together. Tantric sex can utilize these the most and awaken the serpentine or kundalini energy which is situated in our spine, which in turns activates our mind and enables us to reach to the tree of life and makes us capable of traveling between all three worlds.

Even though it will require a lot of practice and dedication, Tantric sex is achievable and here are the basic steps to help you through the process.

1.   Lock eyes and breathe deeply.

Eyes are rightfully called the window of one’s soul. Start by intently focusing on your partner’s eye.

2.   Assume a “Yab-yum” position. 

It is Tibetan for Father-Mother and requires you to sit across from each other, legs crossed while your knees touch. If you are more comfortable then you can have your legs around your partner’s torso as well.

3.   Synchronize Your Breathing.

Both of you try breathing in and out together. Once it is achieved, change the rhythm so that one partner exhales while the other inhales.

4.   Clear Your Mind of Any Thought

Concentrate on not losing focus from your partner’s gaze and de-clutter your mind.

5. Fire Breath Orgasm and Cobra Breath

Combine these two ancient breathing techniques which will remove all the blocks from your body and energy would flow more easily between your chakras.