Most of us now see Halloween as a day for candy, spooky decorations, and crazy costumes. However, that’s not even close to what it really is.

Besides all the material satisfaction we get from Halloween, it also has immense spiritual significance.

An ancient Celtic festival

Two thousand years ago, the Celts celebrated the last harvest festival of the year in the time between the Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice. They called it Samhain.

For them, the seasons represented the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Winter symbolized death and the stillness it brings.

It was the day on which the veil dividing the world of the living and that of the dead was thinnest. And so, they set it aside to honor their dead and reflect on their own lives.

While this is no longer widely practiced, here’s how you can make Halloween a meaningful and spiritual experience for yourself.

Let it go!

Halloween is the time to lose everything that is pulling you down. Purify yourself with a salt bath or perform cleansing meditation.
Just like the trees that are preparing themselves for their new life by shedding their leaves, release all that is finished and dead. Create an opening for new opportunities to come in.

Enter the world of the spirit

Halloween is the only time when the veil is almost lifted. Prepare yourself to connect with the spirit world so that you may receive new insight and guidance.
Honor those whom you have loved and lost. Beseech them for guidance and carefully watch for the signs they will send. Use your intuitive powers and psychic abilities to form this connection.

Guard yourself

People tend to celebrate Halloween in a rash and misguided manner, unknowingly calling to the spookier parts of the spirit world, full of fear and impure energy.
You must ensure that your energy is pure and unaffected, full of only love and light.

Do not be scared of Halloween. Welcome it for what it is, only the beginning of a new cycle rife with new experiences.

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