All of us have a flame burning at our center and a chakra system that is the center of all our energy. This energy is known as the kundalini.

Every flame has a corresponding twin flame burning in another person. When these twin flames come into contact for the first time, they’ll be able to sense a tremendous urge of energy going through them.

Their energy centers glow and radiate heat. If they feel this, then their connection is true. This meeting will also activate each of their chakras. It will be a moment of true awakening.

But sometimes the kundalini energy doesn’t flow through. This is not unusual. Not all of us can claim to have perfectly balanced chakra and some of us might even have blocks in our chakra system.

When we meet our twin flames, we should begin together with them a process of healing and cleansing. Our souls will know when we’ve met them and it is never wrong.
Kundalini awakening and twin flames energy.

Meeting our twin flame activates our chakra because we have the same soul blue print and signature. These are the two features that will help us realize it when we’ve met the right person.

The awakening of the Kundalini and chakra activation is the first step in forming a true twin flame connection.

If you’re close to your twin flame, you’ll be able to feel the magnetic pull of their chakra center on yours. You’ll feel it even if you are simply thinking about them when they’re not near you.

The kundalini energy is important because it purifies your chakra system and removes blockages so that it can flow freely without any impediments.

Be careful when your awakening process begins. Sometimes deeply hidden negative emotions and behaviors might emerge. You’ll remember past hurts and reopen old wounds.

Make sure that you have acknowledged the pain and started the healing process before you fully connect to your twin flame.

Don’t worry if your experience with your twin flame is not the same as it is for everyone. Each and every connection has its own unique possibilities. But in the end, they will all bring only joy.

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