An empath is a person capable of reading and understanding people, or being in the right pitch or resonate with others. This can be voluntary, but it oftentimes comes involuntary, particularly for a person who is a natural empath.

Empaths are sensitive, compassionate, understanding, and considerate individuals.  They are able to feel the emotions and experiences of others, typically without even knowing how this works.  They simply know and understand stuff, without being told!

Check out the list below to see whether you or anyone you know is an empath as well as to learn how to cope with the distinction itself!

15 Traits Empaths Possess, But Rarely Admit It

1. They are Hypersensitive

Empaths are hypersensitive people with a genuine and open heart! This makes them great listeners, believers, and givers! But, it also makes them quite vulnerable.

2. Emotional Absorption

Given that empaths are in-tune with the feelings that surround them, they cannot help but absorb the emotions of others, for the better or the worse.

3. They Have High Introversion

They prefer a personal contact to group contact, which is suitable for introverts too.

4. They are Highly Intuitive

Intuition allows them to feel something without being told and to have a sense whether a person is genuine or lying. While this trait helps them make better decisions in life, it can be quite challenging at the same time.

5. They Love Living Solitary Lives

Empaths enjoy spending time alone as this allow them to recharge themselves and have energy as they continue to emphatize with others.

6. They Suffer From Daily Exhaustion

Emphatizing can be quite draining, so it`s no wonder that empaths sometimes lack the energy they need to do their chores or spend quality time with their loved ones.  Staying conscious on their emotions among the invasion of others` emotions can be quite tiring too.

7. They Fear Being Taken Advantage Of

Empaths never say ‘no’, even when they know that it is the right thing to do. So, they are often left with a feeling of panic and fear of being taken advantage of.

8. They are Lifelong Learners

Although empaths have gone through so much in their lives, they are aware of the fact that there is so much to experience and learn.

9. They are Emotionally Reserved

Empaths typically let emotions come to them instead of seeking them out, so we can describe them as quite emotionally reserved.

10. They are Funny and Hilarious

They have a great sense of humor, which might be one of the reasons why they “click” with others right away.

11. They are Extremely Intelligent

Given that they have experienced so much during their lifetime, empaths tend to be smarter and more intelligent than the average human being.

12. They are Giving

Empaths are extremely giving and do this without expecting anything in return.

13. They are Very Kind

Empaths tend to be extremely kind, and without an exception!

14. They are Outdoors Lovers

Nature allows them to recharge their batteries, so they looove spending time outdoors!

15. Highly Sensitive to Everything

The senses of empaths are quite heightened, so crowd and loud noises can be tiring and draining for them. This is why they prefer personal contact as opposed to group contact.

Source: seizepositivity

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