1. Take time to evaluate your aims:

Sometimes we keep living our life without any introspection or evaluation. This is not fair. You should take out time to pause and reflect on your actions, your thoughts and your aims. This is because evaluating where you are going will give you courage and strength and evaluating how far you have come will fill your life with positivity and hope.

2. Do not try to please everyone:

You cannot please everyone. So stop trying. Just make yourself happy and live your life for your own self and not for others.

3. Learn to age gracefully:

Accept the fact that you are aging. Your body is bound to change. You won’t look the same as you used to. So accepting this fact is the first step to aging gracefully. Stop putting unnecessary effort in order to look young.

4. Do not compare yourself to others:

Don’t compare yourself to the people around you because this will only cause jealousy and discomfort for you. You are your own competition. Try to be better than what you are now; instead of comparing and making yourself feel small.

5. Do not wait for approval:

Do not seek approval from people. Learn to love yourself. That is the first step towards living a happy and satisfied life. This is because nobody’s approval will ever be enough.

6. Do not worry about health too much:

Worry about your health and be conscious about it. But don’t worry so much that you end up going on crazy diets and you are always on the weight scale or something. Take care of your health but don’t lose your mind over it.

7. Share your stories with others: .

Tell your experiences to other people because you are your stories. Your stories have the lessons that made you the person that you have become. So there is no point keeping these stories to yourself.

8. Seize the day:

Live in the moment. Search for happiness in the present instead of thinking that it will strike you someday. Live in the now and you will experience happiness at a new level.

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