If you are a practitioner of Yoga, Reiki, magic, aroma therapy or massage, you need to take special care of yourself because you connect to others on a different, higher level.

You don’t just need physical relaxation but you need to cleanse you mind and soul.

Given below are some easy self-care tips that will help you stay refreshed.

1. Stay grounded

If you feel too much power or fatigue due to loss of energy, just feel the earth below you. Let your feet connect you to the ground. Speaking your full birth name aloud might help too.

2. Breathe

Too much stress may cause you to stop breathing because that is the instinctive thing to do. So remember to keep breathing. Inhale deeply and exhale loudly.

Fill your lungs with air, feel it move inside you and exhale loudly so you can hear the “aaaaaaahhhhhhh”. Let the extra energy inside you exit too.

3. Use the tools

Physical elements can help in cleaning your aura too, like gemstones. Onyx, kyanite and smoky quartz are known to capture the negative around you and convert it into positive energy.

You can also use Sanctus oil which is known for its protective qualities. You have to find your chakra points and put a single drop on each one of them. Don’t have to rub it because it cleanses your scent.

If you are using sage or palo santo, you should use it in smoky form or hydrosol form before and after work.

4. Project or release the energies

People around us spread energy around them. If you want you can get rid of these energies in two ways. First, you can simply take something that can easily burn and channel the energy into it. Then set it to fire.

The other method is called mirror technique. You place your hands in front of you, your palms facing the person whose energy you want to reflect. You imagine your palms as a mirror and reflect back the energy that the person is emitting towards you.

I sincerely hope this article was of some help to you people who practice energy healing and similar techniques! Remember, you always come first and protecting yourself is of key importance!
Keep spreading Love and Light! Shine on!

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