When you were born, the celestial bodies in the heavens (sky) were positioned in a specific way.

These positions are compiled to form the zodiac signs and thus according to the point in time you were born in, you get a zodiac sign.

Each planet (or sometimes even multiple planets) passes through each sign at some moment, throughout the year. But some of us are born under the natural placements, in which the planet which is in the sign that it happens to rule.

A ‘natural’ planet imbibes some of the signs’ characteristics that we associate with the planet. But the placements that are not natural are interpreted based on the planet’s area of influence expressed through the personality specific to a sign.

Say, someone with Mercury in Pisces will communicate differently than someone with a sign like Sagittarius.

Whereas, when the placement is natural, example, Mercury in Gemini, the energy of the planet (Mercury) will be amplified.

Also, say Mars is placed in Aries, the aspects governed by the planet like our temper, sexual appetite etc will be magnified due to the passionate approach of the Aries.

If you also have this natural pairing, then you perhaps act instinctively and hate when people are not direct and clear with you. Your fierce approach to life makes you a strong character but some might call you a hot-head because of your live wire attitude. You love new things and challenges. Your life is progressive and exciting.

But if you do not have a natural placement, you need not worry. Planets still play a very import role in determining your character and personality.

But if you were curious and were wondering why some traits make you special, now you know (Saturn in Capricorn makes you a strong leader etc.)

What do you think about the role of signs aligning with their ruling planets?

Are your signs aligned with their planets? Share your thoughts with us.

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